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Used technologies

Verima technologies

Verima is based on immersive technologies, machine learning systems and cloud-based content management.

Support for diagnosis and surgical planning in a shorter time.

Verima is the Software Suite chosen by doctors to renew and make the diagnosis, intervention planning, and communication with the patient more efficient.

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Intelligent automation processes

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Verima Tool - AI

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to learn through experience, that is, through observation and imitation of the capabilities of the human mind. Machines take in information useful in performing various tasks and then replicate it just as humans would.

Verima is enhanced by the use of Artificial Intelligence, in particular via Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL).

In ML, the algorithms learn from experience and are then able to perform specific tasks automatically. In DL, the learning mechanism exploits neural networks, which are structures inspired by the functioning of the neural connections in the human brain.

In Verima Tool, the Deep Learning models allow to automatically and accurately segment the DICOM files, identifying the various anatomical components and organs of interest.

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Cases always available on multiple devices


Verima Desk

What is the Cloud?

Cloud services consist of platforms or software made available to users via the Internet. Using Cloud services means being able to enjoy your digital content synchronized at all times.

The Verima Suite consists of a set of tools that operate synchronized with each other via the Cloud platform.

Starting from Verima Desk, you can send your clinical cases to the Cloud service, where clinical cases are archived. From the Verima Viewer AR (for mobile / tablet) or Verima Viewer MR (for Mixed Reality viewer) apps it is possible to download cases saved in the cloud at any time and view them in the form of holograms in real space.

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Enhanced Experience

Augmented Reality (AR)

Verima Viewer AR

What is Augmented Reality?

Through Augmented Reality, virtual elements are inserted into the real environment around us. The superimposition of digital information in the real context recreates a hybrid environment between virtual and reality that can deliver enhanced experiences.

Verima brings the tridimensional models generated by Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance (MRI) exams into the physical world through smartphones and tablets.

The Verima Viewer AR application can be downloaded for free on your device to view 3D models on the Verima platform in the form of holograms.

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A new way to see

Mixed Reality (MR)

Visore MR Hololens

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality aims to create an environment where real and virtual overlap and the user can consider virtual objects as actually existing in physical space. It is a technology that requires specific hardware i.e., a mixed reality visor.

Verima offersan immersive and realistic experience thanks to Verima Viewer MR, an application that is currently compatible with the mixed reality viewer Hololens.

The app allows you to access the 3D models stored on the Verima platform and view them in reality as if they were part of the surrounding space.

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Technological power. Ease of use.

Learn how Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality are being employed in Verima.

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