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Verima Educational

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Verima Educational

The first integrated system for training medical personnel based on Verima Suite functionalities.




Why Choose Verima Educational

A solution designed for training medical personnel, based on the functionality of the Verima Suite.

Using the Educational solution means that physicians acquire a high degree of training to understand the results of imaging diagnostic exams, strengthen the diagnosis process and support the planning of surgical interventions.

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What Verima Educational includes

In the medical field today, there is an increasing demand to test clinical-surgical procedures before trying them out on a real patient.

Verima Educational includes a collection of more than 100 real clinical cases that are available on a Cloud system and thus can be consulted wherever you are and at any time from different devices. This collection includes the cataloguing and subdivision of cases by anatomy (abdomen, limbs, head, chest, vessels) and can be used by the learner and medical staff in both hospital and academic settings.

Clinical cases from the collection are usable through the features of the Suite, i.e., sharing, interaction with models, and visualization in Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

You can also enrich your library by adding custom cases upon request by directly contacting the Verima support.

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Software Suite

Elements of the Verima Educational Suite

The solution includes three Verima Suite components integrated with each other:

Who chose Verima Educational

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Verima Educational can be used in Universities and Graduate Courses or in Hospital settings.

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