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Verima Desk

Verima Desk

Web platform for generating and managing tridimensional models from one or more STL or DICOM files.



Clinical case generation

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Clinical case visualization

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How to use Verima Desk

Verima Desk is a web platform that is always accessible from any browser and allows management and creation of 3D clinical cases from one or more STL or DICOM files.

Cases of interest are uploaded to the portal, where they are processed and catalogued in a personal library. Users can manage their profiles and access their cases directly from the Web, wherever they are. Verima Desk is accessible through credentials obtained by the user when signing up on Verima.

Segmentation service operated by the experts on the Verima team

Management and cataloguing of clinical cases in a personal Library

Understanding and interacting with the clinical case via 3D model

Sharing of clinical cases with colleagues and/or patients

Automatic synchronization of clinical cases with other Verima applications

Why choose Verima Desk

The desk combines management, sharing and viewing functionality of clinical cases.

Using Verima Desk means making use of an advanced but simple-to-use tool and always interconnected
with the applications for mobile and visor of the Suite thanks to the Cloud technology.

Start creating your cases

Used technologies


Verima Desk operates in a Cloud environment and is interconnected with the other Verima applications that enable holographic visualization of tridimensional models on mobile and tablet devices, or via a mixed reality viewer.

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Generic FAQ

See frequently asked questions to better understand Verima Desk.

What is Verima Desk?

Verima Desk is the web platform for viewing, managing and sharing clinical cases associated with your Verima account.

Do I have to purchase a license to access the platform?

No, Verima Desk can also be accessed without purchasing a license. However, you must register and create a Verima user account so you can log in. Register here.

Is Verima Desk a secure software?

Yes. In the event that you experience a computer vulnerability in your device or the entire facility hosting the Verima application, please contact customer support immediately.

After analyzing the situation, our trained staff will report the most accurate procedures to protect or restore your Verima user data.

What are Verima Desk main functionalities?

There are many, we point out the main ones:

Case & user profile management

  • Sending files generated by CT or RM (DICOM) to the cloud for on-demand tissue segmentation;
  • Creating cases from pre-existing 3D models (STL extension);
  • Management of a cloud archive containing cases of interest;
  • Management of favorite cases;
  • Management of case sharing with other colleagues or with own patients;
  • Module for 3D visualization of cases imported to the platform.
Is Verima Desk synchronized with the mobile app and mixed reality viewer?

Yes, all your cases are always available on all applications in the Verima suite. You use Verima Desk to upload and generate cases.

After that, they will be viewable, editable, and shareable from all devices connected to your account via mobile app (Verima Viewer AR) and mixed reality viewer app (Verima Viewer MR).

Is my patients' data protected during and after using the software?

Yes. The system is not intended to store patient data and/or personally identifiable information. 

You will be responsible for de-identifying all personal data in the files you upload as a user to the Verima applications.

Technical FAQ

See frequently asked technical questions for this component. If you don’t find what you are looking for, visit the Support page or contact us by email.

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How do I log in?

To access, you must log in with your credentials at this link. If you have not yet registered, you can create a Verima user account at this link.

Do I have to enter my credentials each time I log in?

Yes. We care about protecting your data and your patients data, we want to make sure that it’s always you using the tool or someone under your authorized supervision.

I lost my password, what should I do?

If you forgot or lost your credentials, click “Forgot credentials,” enter your associated email address, and you will automatically receive instructions to reset or change your password. 

Can I use the software with other devices or apps I already own that are not associated with the Verima suite?

We do not recommend it. The combined use of the Verima suite software and apps with other unauthorized tools may compromise the safety and/or effectiveness of the devices or the accuracy of 3D reproduction.

Can I use Verima Desk with my default browser?

Yes, Verima Desk supports all recent versions of modern browsers i.e. Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

Verima Desk also works properly on older versions of the browsers mentioned above as long as they support ES6 and WEBGL2.

For more details regarding the compatibility of your browser you can consult the following sites:

Can I share my cases with other doctors or my patients?

Yes, with the purchase of the Basic License or higher you will have the case-sharing feature active. This feature allows you to share your clinical case with your colleagues, patients and/or students anywhere in the world.

Can I share a case with a person who is not a Verima user or is not among my contacts?

Yes, just specify when sharing the case the recipient email address. They will receive a notification email through which they can register for free to Verima and thus view the shared case.

Do the images I upload to obtain a customized 3D model need any special requirements?

Yes, the quality of the obtained 3D model is strongly influenced by the quality of the images that are processed by the software.


To obtain a good quality 3D model, we recommend that the images used meet the following parameters:

  • slice thickness not exceeding 2 mm;
  • axial images, not reconstructed;
  • reconstruction algorithm for medium-resolution bone tissue;
  • in case of CT, we recommend using images from low-dose radiation CT.

To visualize nonbony tissue, images from examinations with contrast medium should be processed.

If metal implants are present, an artifact reduction filter must be applied before sending DICOMs.

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Software Suite

The other Verima components

Verima suite consists of a series of integrated software, each with a specific role:

Machine Learning

Verima Tool

PC software with features for segmentation and analysis of images in DICOM format originated from CT or MRI examinations.

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Augmented Reality

Verima Viewer AR

Android and iOS apps for Augmented Reality holographic visualization and case management via smartphones and tablets.

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Mixed Reality

Verima Viewer MR

App for holographic visualization of tridimensional models and case management using Mixed Reality viewers.

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