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Verima Tool

Verima Tool

PC software with capabilities for segmentation and analysis of images in DICOM format from CT or MRI examinations.



DICOM loading from local or PACS

Segmentation Editor

Multiple slice and Region growing

Full control

Exclusion in vision of the various levels

Advanced features

Artificial Intelligence modules

3D Visualization

Visualization on three anatomical planes

Interaction with the Cloud

Submitting final 3D models to Verima Desk


How to use Verima Tool

Verima Tool is the software for segmentation and analysis of images in DICOM format from Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) examinations.

To use the software, simply install it on your PC and import an existing three-dimensional model or proceed with loading a DICOM file to perform the stand-alone, automatic or semi-automatic 3D model reconstruction.

In addition to the various editing and visualization options, through Verima Tool it will also be possible to send one's tridimensional cases to the Verima Desk platform using an Internet connection and thus make models accessible from the other applications of the Suite.

Import DICOM files of CT and MRI examinations

Tridimensional visualization of acquired and/or reconstructed images

Segmentation in manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes

Regions of interest 3D reconstruction

3D model generation, even from multiple reconstructions

Preview models with different visualization options

Export of generated models

Saving studies option on models for new modifications

Model sharing with Verima Desk web platform

Why choose Verima Tool

The Tool allows you to combine automated tools with intelligent editing tools to achieve accurate 3D models.

Using Verima Tool means taking advantage of one advanced tool that allows broad autonomy in managing diagnostic images, particularly in performing anatomical tissue segmentation independently, with the possibility of making use of AI modules.

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Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

Used technologies


Verima Tool is enhanced by the use of Artificial Intelligence

Specifically, the Tool makes use of Deep Learning models that allow you to independently carry out accurate segmentations, identifying the various anatomical components and organs of interest.

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Generic FAQ Verima Tool

See frequently asked questions to better understand Verima Tool.

What is Verima Tool?

Verima Tool is the computer application of the Verima Suite that provides segmentation and analysis of DICOM format images from CT o RMI exams.

Is Verima Tool a secure software?

Yes. In case a cyber vulnerability instance of the device or the entire facility hosting Verima Tool happens, please contact customer support immediately.

After analyzing the situation, our trained staff will report the most accurate procedures to protect or restore your Verima user data.

What are the main features of Verima Tool?

There are many, but we point out the main ones:

Importing CT/RMI exams

  • in DICOM format from local resources; 
  • in DICOM format from PACS servers; 

3D Visualization

  • Visualization of acquired and/or reconstructed images in the three main anatomical planes: coronal, sagittal and transverse; 
  • Change in the visualization of windowing and levelling values of DICOM images; 
  • Zooming in/out and moving within the viewing window of DICOM images; 


  • Image segmentation by thresholding based on the Hounsfield scale;
  • Automatic image segmentation by AI for the detection of bone tissue, blood vessels and internal organs in CT scans performed at the pelvis and lower extremities with contrast medium; 
  • 3D reconstruction of the region of interest (ROI) highlighted by segmentation; 
  • Possibility to create up to 5 different levels of segmentation in the same study and thus possible to create 3D models composed of multiple reconstructions; 

Advanced features

  • Ability to change the transparency of each reconstruction layer; 
  • Preview of the 3D model with the ability to exclude individual layers, scale up/down and move within the viewing window; 
  • Ability to import 3D model files, in STL or OBJ format, available externally to Verima; 
  • Export of individual 3D models created as STL format files; 
  • Ability to apply the same modifications to layers generated by importing 3D files as are available for those generated by segmentation; 

Saving & Sharing

  • Saving the study under review in Verima Tool for later reopening; 
  • Sending the final 3D models to the Verima Desk platform for viewing as a hologram.
Are my patients data protected during and after using the software?

Yes, because the system is not intended to store patient data and/or personal and identifiable information. 

You will be responsible for de-identifying all personal data present in the files you upload as a user to the Verima applications.

Technical FAQ Verima Tool

See frequently asked technical questions for this component. If you don’t find what you are looking for, visit the Support page or contact us by email.

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How do I log in?

Once you launch the software, you will simply have to log in with your credentials.

Do I have to enter my credentials each time I log in?

Yes. We care about protecting your data and that of your patients; we want to make sure that it is always you or someone under your authorized supervision who uses the tool.

I lost my password, what should I do?

If you forgot or lost your credentials, click “Forgot credentials” enter your associated email address, and you will automatically receive instructions to reset or change your password. 

Can I use the software with other devices or apps I already own that are not associated with the Verima suite?

We do not recommend it. Combined use of the Tool and other Verima apps with unauthorized other tools may compromise the security and/or effectiveness of your devices or 3D playback accuracy.

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Software Suite

The other Verima components

Verima suite consists of a series of integrated software, each with a specific role:

Augmented Reality

Verima Viewer AR

Android and iOS apps for Augmented Reality holographic visualization and case management via smartphones and tablets.

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Mixed Reality

Verima Viewer MR

App for holographic visualization of tridimensional models and case management using Mixed Reality viewers.

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Verima Desk

Web platform, always accessible from any browser, for creating, viewing and sharing clinical cases.

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