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Verima Viewer AR

Verima Viewer AR

Android and iOS application for augmented reality holographic visualization and case management via smartphones and tablets.


View in 3D

Holographic visualization of cases

Interact in reality

Interaction with 3D models

Share with other users

Remote case sharing with multiple users

Access virtual rooms

Sharing cases in Sharing Rooms

Manage every layer

Show or hide model layers

Customize the model

Modify layers colors, names, transparency


How to use Verima Viewer AR

Verima Viewer AR is an application for Android or iOS smartphones and tablets that allows the visualization of 3D models created through Verima Desk directly within the user surrounding space.

With Verima Viewer AR you can zoom in, zoom out, rotate, move, or deactivate details/layers of the 3D model for better visualization and pre-operative preparation. Through Verima Viewer AR you can share your cases easily and intuitively with other users.

Creation of Sharing Rooms

Thanks to the Sharing Room functionality, you can view a case at the same time in an aligned mode (you lock your visualization for guest users) or not-aligned mode (guest users are free to interact with the hologram) with your colleagues and patients.

Displays 3D models stored on the Verima Desk platform as holograms

Move and rotate the hologram in the environment, regardless of the type of device on which it is displayed

Show or hide the individual layers composing the hologram

Enlarge or reduce the hologram size in the surrounding space

Share the hologram with a remote user by creating a virtual room

Why choose Verima Viewer AR

With Verima Viewer AR, you observe and display the 3D models wherever you are, independently or in sharing with other specialists or patients.

The application, Android and iOS, offers extreme flexibility in the view of the tridimensional model of a clinical case thanks to interaction, management and sharing functionality, always within reach of a smartphone or a tablet.

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Augmented Reality

Used technologies


Verima Viewer AR is an Augmented Reality application for mobile devices and is free to download from the Play Store on Android systems and from the App Store on iOS systems. The applications of Verima Viewer are closely related to the web platform Verima Desk with Cloud technology.

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Generic FAQ Verima
Viewer AR

See frequently asked questions to better understand the Verima Viewer AR app.

What is Verima Viewer AR?

Verima Viewer AR is the app designed to be installed on Android and iOS devices (smartphones and tablets) equipped with a camera.

The app allows you to view cases available on your Verima account in the form of a hologram that you can interact with in a simple and intuitive way.

What does AR stand for?

AR stands for augmented reality. The Verima Viewer AR application for smartphones and tablets, in fact, allows cases available on your account to be viewed as interactive tridimensional holograms in augmented reality.


Through Verima Viewer AR, you can rotate, zoom and move the hologram in the surrounding space to enhance visualization, or share it with one or more users connected to the Internet.

Do I need to purchase a license to access the app?

No, Verima Viewer AR is free to download from your app store (Android/iOS) and can also be accessed without purchasing a license.

However, you need to register and create a Verima user account so you can log in. Register here.

Is my patient data protected during and after using the software?

Yes, because the system is not intended to store patient data and/or personally identifiable information. 

You will be responsible for de-identifying all personal data in the files you upload as an user to the Verima applications.

What are the main functionalities of Verima Viewer AR?

There are many, we point out the main ones:

3D Visualization

  • Visualizing the 3D model of the clinical case generated through Verima Desk in a holographic way.


  • Ability to move, rotate and zoom the hologram in the surrounding environment.
  • Ability to show or hide the individual layers, i.e., tissues, of which the hologram is composed. 


  • Sharing the hologram with a user remotely via the Internet by creating a virtual room (Sharing Room). The user who creates the room (Host user) has the ability to interact with the model, while the guest user (Guest user) has the ability to view the hologram and the Host user's interactions from their own subjective view.
Is Verima Viewer AR a secure app?

Yes. Should you experience a case of cyber vulnerability of your device or the entire facility hosting the Verima app, please contact Customer Support immediately.

After analyzing the situation, our trained staff will report the most accurate procedures to protect or restore your Verima user data.

Technical FAQ Verima
Viewer AR

See frequently asked technical questions for this smartphone and tablet app. If you don't find what you are looking for, visit the Support page or contact us by email.

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How do I sign in?

To log in you have to download the app from your app store from this link in Android e from this link on the App store and log in with your credentials.

If you do not have your own credentials yet, you need to register a Verima user account in your name.

Do I have to enter my credentials each time I log in?

Yes. We care about protecting your data and your patient's data, we want to make sure that it's always you using the tool or someone under your authorized supervision.

I lost my password, what should I do?

If you forgot or lost your credentials, click "Forgot credentials" enter your associated email address, and you will automatically receive instructions to reset or change your password. 

Can I use the software with other devices or apps I already own that are not associated with the Verima suite?

We do not recommend it. The combined use of the Verima software and app with other unauthorized tools may compromise the security and/or effectiveness of the devices or the accuracy of 3D reproduction.

Can I share my cases with other doctors or my patients?

Yes, by purchasing the Basic License or higher you will have the case-sharing feature active. This feature allows you to share your clinical case with your colleagues, patients, and/or students anywhere in the world.

Can I share a case with a person who is not a Verima user or is not among my contacts?

Yes, just specify when sharing the case the recipient's email address. They will receive a notification email through which they can register for free to Verima and thus view the shared case.

Can I share my cases in real time with other users who have downloaded the Verima app?

Yes, with the purchase of the Advanced license or higher, you will have the Sharing room feature active. This feature allows you to show your cases in real-time to your colleagues, patients or students anywhere in the world.

What devices can I use Verima Viewer AR with?

Verima Viewer can be used on camera-equipped mobile devices that support the following operating systems:

  • Google Android 7.0 or later. 
  • Apple iOS 12 or later versions.
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Software Suite

The other Verima components

Verima suite consists of a series of integrated software, each with a specific role:


Verima Desk

Web platform, always accessible from any browser, for creating, viewing and sharing clinical cases.

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Machine Learning

Verima Tool

PC software with features for segmentation and analysis of images in DICOM format originated from CT or MRI examinations.

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Mixed Reality

Verima Viewer MR

App for holographic visualization of tridimensional models and case management using mixed reality viewers.

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