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Verima Suite

The components of the Suite

Verima Suite

Verima Suite is a system of integrated software that enable case processing, visualization in as holograms, interaction and sharing.

AI Technology and Deep Learning

Verima Tool


PC software with features for segmentation and analysis of images in DICOM format originated from CT or MRI examinations.

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Cloud Technology

Verima Desk


Web platform for the generation and management of tridimensional models starting from one or more STL or DICOM files.

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Augmented Reality

Verima Viewer AR


Android and iOS application that enables holographic Augmented Reality viewing and case management via smartphones and tablets.

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Mixed Reality

Verima Viewer MR

Hololens Visore MR

Application that enables holographic visualization of tridimensional models and case management using a Mixed Reality viewer.

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Verima Technical Details

Verima is a class I medical device, registered under No. 1947525/R in the Ministry of Health database.

Verima is a device compliant with the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC and is therefore placed on the market with the CE markup in accordance with Article 17 of Directives 93/42CEE and 2007/47/EEC.

Start creating your cases

How does Verima Suite work?

Using Verima Suite is intuitive and simple to learn starting from the loading of the clinical case up to its holographic visualization in space.

Learn how the Verima Suite components work in the following steps.

If you need more autonomy and control in your case analysis, processing, segmentation and reconstruction activities, in addition to making use of Artificial Intelligence modules of Verima, you can also choose to use Verima Tool.

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Upload the case

Depending on your needs upload your case to Verima Desk in DICOM or STL format.

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Handle the case

Edit and share the case both from PC with Verima Desk and from the Verima Viewer apps from smartphones, tablets, and viewers.

icona visore MR

View the model

View and interact with the model generated from your exam using the Verima Viewer app with your preferred device: PC, smartphone, tablet, or viewer.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Verima Suite

Check out frequently asked questions about Verima Suite. If you don't find what you're looking for, go to the Support section.

What is Verima?

Verima is the new system for processing and visualizing complex clinical images. It is a simple, comprehensive, and intuitive system that uses Augmented and Mixed Reality to make the work of clinical staff easier and safer.

What does the patient have to do?

The patient just needs to download the app and create a Verima account. Then the patient can access and check the result of a treatment or surgery through the app, so that they can better understand their pathology.

Does Verima suit my activity?

Yes, if you are a specialty physician, dentist, private clinic, or diagnostic center.

Is Verima a CE registered mark?

Yes, Verima is software that complies with the requirements of Directive 93/42 / EEC and is therefore marketed with the CE marking, in accordance with the provisions of Article 17 of Directives 93/42 / EEC and 2007/47 / EEC. Verima is also a class I medical device, registered with the number 1947525 / R in the database of the Ministry of Health.

What is the goal of Verima?

Verima is a holographic imaging solution.

Verima Suite is specifically designed and developed with the goal of allowing the clinician to have access to the real depth of the image and the proportions and intersections of the various tissues without touching the patient.

The application is developed to facilitate clinical decision making and contextually assist the clinician’s work and the communication with the patient.

Why should I choose Verima?

Our software suite has several advantages, we mention only a few:


  • You control your patients’ clinical images anywhere, anytime;

3D Visualization

  • You appreciate firsthand the depth of anatomical parts of interest;


  • Edit, interact and share images with anyone;
  • Receive support for diagnosis and surgical planning;

More functionalities

  • Print anatomical models in 3D;

… and much more!

What do I need to do to use Verima?

You just need to download the app and create a Verima account.

That way, you can upload your CT scan, MRI or STL file and then get a three-dimensional hologram. Your clinical case will be made available for viewing from PC, tablet, smartphone, and mixed reality visor.

Easy, right?

How much does Verima cost?

We offer multiple solutions based on your needs. Go to our subscriptions page to see the features and costs of each license.

Fields where you can use Verima

Application fields

Verima expresses its maximum potential for segmentation, case generation and holographic rendering in a variety of surgical fields including: