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In the field of Urology, the use of Verima proves particularly useful for:

Analyze vascular and anatomically relevant variants

Perform automatic segmentation of anatomical tissues

Obtain tridimensional model generation in a short time

Support the planning of a surgical procedure

Identify as background any organs enhanced by contrast medium

Improve recognition between healthy tissues and lesions

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Technology and Medicine

3D model preview

An example of renal carcinoma can be visualized in the present model. The three-dimensional reconstruction shows the bone tissue and aorta branching into the renal artery, vena cava, renal parenchyma, and tumor.

Using Verima in Renal Surgery proves valuable in nephrectomy procedures.

The use of 3D reconstruction plays an important role for the surgeon in terms of supporting the clinical decision, as the extent of excision surgery (partial or radical) is highly dependent on the location and size of the tumor. Such features are easily depicted in detail in the holographic model.

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Software Suite

Verima Components for Urology

Verima suite consists of a series of integrated software, each with a specific role:

Advanced Services for Urology

Custom Segmentations

Add Custom Segmentations available for Urology for faster and more intuitive anatomical understanding.

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Segmentation represents the identification and spatial division of anatomical structures of interest.

The custom segmentation service is performed from DICOM files.The Segmentations available for this specialization are:

Vessels and Organs

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