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Verima - A new way to see


A new way to see

A new way to visualize clinical cases, strengthen diagnostics and intervention planning, communicate with the patient.

Verima is a Software Suite designed for clinicians and medical staff that allows to generate realistic 3D models from diagnostic images and see them in the shape of holograms in the real world.

Flexible and carefully designed for what specialists need

Based on cutting-edge technologies: Mixed and Augmented Reality, AI

Reliable and accessible from different devices

Application fields

Verima technology is adapt to every surgical specialty and is constantly growing

Technology and medical expertise

A powerful solution within app reach

Verima allows to generate holographic models starting from Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance (MR) exams. Models are visualized in the surrounding space thanks to Mixed and Augmented Reality via a visor or common use devices, such as smartphone and tablet. This solution is able to facilitate clinical decision and support the healthcare personnel in their job and in their relationship with the patient.

Discover the technology behind Verima
Why choose Verima

Innovation, speed and efficiency

Choose a reliable and efficient Software Suite to innovate your job. Choose faster times with the diagnostic support of Verima.

Start creating your cases


Sensible time reduction in the processing of DICOM files in three-dimensional models to be visualized in real space.

Automation and intelligent processes

Use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms for processing aimed at automatic organ segmentation.


Presence of biomedical experts dedicated to medical image processing and clinical examination segmentation.


Images processed by the software are available on a variety of devices: MR viewer, PC, smartphone and tablet.


Verima is a Class I Medical Device, registered at Ministero della Salute with the System Progressive Number: 1947525/R.

Integration with other systems

Verima is an in-house product. Integration with third-paty softwares is guaranteed.

How Verima works

Access to Verima Desk web platform and upload your clinical case to generate a 3D model. Visualize and interact with the generated model using the device you prefer through Verima Viewer.


*In case you need more autonomy and control over the segmentation processes, apart from exploiting the team expertise and our Artificial Intelligence modules, you can take advantage of Verima Tool.

Software Suite

Verima Suite components

Verima Suite consists of a series of softwares integrated with each other, each one with a precise role.

Machine Learning

Verima Tool

Advanced software for segmentation of anatomical parts and image processing of DICOM files from CT/MRI exams.

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Verima Desk

Web Platform, always accessible from any browser, aimed to the generation, visualization and sharing of clinical cases.

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Augmented Reality

Verima Viewer AR

Android and iOS app for holographic visualization in augmented reality and case management from any device.

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Mixed Reality

Verima Viewer MR

App for 3D models holographic visualization and case management through Mixed Reality visors.

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