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Cardiac Surgery

Application field

Cardiac Surgery

In the field of Cardiac Surgery, the adoption of Verima is particularly useful for:

Clearly distinguish CT and MRI structures

Improve recognition between healthy tissues and lesions

Analyze vascular and anatomical variants

Support the planning of a surgical procedure

Perform automatic segmentation of anatomical tissues

Achieve tridimensional model generation quickly

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Cardiac Surgery
Technology and Medicine

3D model preview

In the proposed interactive model, major components of the heart are visualized and identified: the atria, the ventricles, the aorta, the branch of the pulmonary arteries, and the myocardium.

The use of Verima in Cardiac Surgery proves to be valuable during procedures pertinent to cardiac surgery and cardiovascular surgery, where three-dimensional reconstruction allows greater visibility and better depth perception of the tissues and organs involved.

Vessels branching, affected tissues irrigation, anatomical structures proximity, heart valves state, or malformations presence are aspects that can be visualized immediately and become easy to understand.

Verima is proposed as a support tool for cardiac and vascular surgeons.

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Verima Workflow for Cardiac Surgery

Software Suite

Verima components for Cardiac Surgery

Verima suite consists of a series of integrated software, each with a specific role:

Advanced Services for Cardiac Surgery

Custom Segmentations

Add personalized Segmentations available for Cardiac Surgery for faster and more intuitive anatomical understanding.

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Segmentation represents the identification and spatial division of the anatomical structures of interest. The custom segmentation service is performed starting from DICOM files. The segmentations available for this specialization are:

Organs, Vessels and Reported Injuries

Vessels and Organs (Vascular Surgery)

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