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Abdominal Surgery

Application field

Abdominal Surgery

In the field of Abdominal Surgery, the use of Verima proves particularly useful for:

Clearly distinguish CT and MRI structures: organs, vessels, lesions

Know the exact spatial location and extent of injuries

Improve recognition and visualization of vascular variants

Support the planning of a surgical procedure

Perform automatic segmentation of anatomical tissues

Achieve the generation of the 3D model in a short period of time

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Abdominal Surgery
Technology and Medicine

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The use of Verima in Abdominal Surgery proves to be valuable when reconstructing anatomical structures present in the abdominal cavity (liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, etc.) to allow greater visibility and valid support for the planning of surgery.

In the present model, a liver can be visualized with several anatomical tissues in evidence: arteries, bile ducts, vena cava, and portal vein.

Three-dimensional reconstruction of the liver and adjacent anatomical structures (kidneys, spleen, etc.) assumes particular importance in the analysis and support of invasive surgery or even in laparoscopy. The physician has the ability to appreciate in detail from the 3D model the proximity of the tissues identified by the tomography, the vasculature, the presence of hepatic and non-hepatic lesions, or even the healthy and/or cirrhotic portion of the liver.

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Use cases

Reconstructing the anatomical structures of the abdominal cavity is essential for the recognition of anatomical tissues and as an aid to surgical planning.

Case study Abdominal/Vascular Surgery

Splenic aneurysm

An aneurysm is a bulge in a blood vessel caused by a weakness in the vessel wall, usually at the point where it branches.

In the present case, a 35-mm splenic aneurysm (SAA) was treated by minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical exclusion.

The aneurysm was first visualized by contrast-enhanced CT and reconstructed in 3D by Verima.

Visualization via Mixed Reality viewer of the anatomical model allowed us to assess the distance of the aneurysm from the liver, pancreas, left kidney, and spleen.

In addition, it was possible to observe which and how many vessels were involved proximally and distally in the vasculature of the aneurysm, so that clips could be affixed in the appropriate manner during surgery.

Intraoperative color-Doppler ultrasound confirmed the exclusion of the sac and good perfusion of the spleen.

The surgery was performed at the San Giovanni di Dio Hospital in Florence by Dr. Emiliano Chisci.

Case study Abdominal/Hepatic Surgery

Hepatic tumor

Hepatocarcinoma (HCC) is the most common malignant tumor of the liver and is often found in cirrhotic patients.

In the present case, using Verima, the 3D anatomical model of the liver was reconstructed from the CT scan performed with a contrast medium.

The 3-D model consisted of six layers: parenchyma, arteries, veins, portal vein, vena cava, and the tumor.

This model was observed in holographic form using a Mixed Reality viewer immediately prior to the surgical approach in order to distinctly visualize the hepatocarcinoma, its vasculature, and distance to the hepatic structures and particularly to the glissonian pedicles, in view of possible tissue resection.

The procedure was performed by Dr. Umberto Cillo, University of Padua Hospital Company.

Verima Workflow for Abdominal Surgery

Software Suite

Verima Components for Abdominal Surgery

Verima suite consists of a series of integrated software, each with a specific role:

Advanced Services for Abdominal Surgery

Custom Segmentations

Add Custom Segmentations available for Abdominal Surgery for faster and more intuitive anatomical understanding.

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Segmentation represents the identification and spatial division of the anatomical structures of interest.

The Custom Segmentation service is performed starting from DICOM files. The Segmentations available for this specialization are:

Reported Organs, Vessels and Injuries

Reported Tumor, Vessels and Organs

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