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La tecnologia di Verima è trasversale a tutte le specializzazioni chirurgiche ed è in costante crescita. Agli ambiti di applicazione ad oggi esplorati si aggiungono altri settori sanitari specialistici in cui la Software Suite Verima esprime il suo potenziale di utilizzo.

General surgery Pediatric surgery Plastic surgery Gynecology Orthopedics and Traumatology Urology Maxillofacial Surgery Neurosurgery Ophthalmology Otolaryngology Cardiac surgery Thoracic surgery Vascular surgery Oncology Oral surgery Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry
Benefits and Advantages

Verima supporting medicine and surgery

Thanks to Verima, anatomy becomes holographic and virtual images become available in the surrounding space, remaining true to the actual characteristics and depths of the organs undergoing diagnostic examination.

IT knowledge and skills combined with those in the medical field play nowadays an important role in protecting people's health. This is why Verima plays a key role in supporting physicians in carrying out their work.

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Medici utilizzano Verima
Suite functionalities

An ally tool with simple and powerful features for all areas of surgical application

Cosa puoi fare con Verima:

Clinical Case Generation

Upload clinical case for tridimensional model generation.

Interaction with the hologram

Enlarge, rotate, show or hide individual layers for better viewing.

Case understanding

Understand the true depth of the patient's anatomical structure.

Easy usability via app

Access the case at any time via the dedicated smartphone, tablet, viewer or PC app.

Holographic visualization

View data from CT and MRI examinations as holograms in the surrounding space.

Management and sharing

Manage the 3D model and share it with the patient or other specialists, even remotely.

Application fields

Surgical areas where Verima makes your work easier

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